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Can A Watch Winder Overwind Your Rolex?

Having a watch box for automatic watches is a blessing in the form of a beautiful box with its great functionality to wind and displaying your automatic watch when you decide to not use it. And while you enjoy the appearance of your Rolex winded, there is some anxiousness about what if your watch overwound and your watch winder will only make your watch wear and tear?

Overwound is a term when you keep wind your watch after the mainspring is fully wound and it breaks the watch.

Watch winder is a device that usually takes a form of a box that will rotate your watch so it will wind and powers your watch. People believe using a watch winder will only wind your watch continuously and in the end, will wear and tear your watch.

But you don’t need to worry yourself, because overwound will not come in one term with an automatic watch as the modern automatic watch has a mechanism that prevents them from ‘overwound’. When the mainspring fully wound, the gears will disengage until the need for rewinding arises. In manual mechanical watch even there is a mechanism to stop overwound as there is a stopper of sorts that remind you to stop winding.

Modern watch box for automatic watches also has a mechanism that stops at a scheduled time and let your watch to unwind. If let’s say your watch needs 650 turns per day, the watch winder will take 27 turns per hour and put some time in between to let your watch rest. Make your watch at its best condition. But always take a look to make sure it’s punctuality.

If you use a cheap or poorly made watch box for automatic watches that runs tirelessly,  there is a chance that you will wear the watch machine, but never overwind it.

So, if you already over your worries, keep in mind to choose a watch winder that meets your Rolex needs. Either the rotation direction, the frequency of the turns, or even if they use batteries or electric so your watch will be treated with the greatest care.


Are Watch Winders Worth It?

If you are interested in watches, especially automatic watch winder, you might come across a product called ‘watch winder’. A watch winder is basically a device that you can use to store your watches when you are not wearing it, but it is equipped with a holder that would rotate periodically, mimicking the movement or a wrist to keep your watch running.

So should you get one? Here are some things that you might want to consider before acquiring one.

What kind of watches do you own?

You should consider the type of mechanism your watch is running on before getting a watch winder. If your watch is quartz or runs on battery, you might not need a watch winder. Likewise, if you own a manual mechanical watch that needs to be wound by hand, a watch winder would not be as functional for you. On the other hand, if your watch is using an automatic or self-winding mechanism that needs to be worn constantly, you might want to consider getting a watch winder. An automatic watch derives power from the movement of your hand as you are wearing it, so if you have multiple watches or you don’t wear watches constantly, storing your watches in a watch winder could be useful since it keeps your watch running smoothly and you would not have to wind it up every time you want to wear it.

Should you get one?

Automatic watches usually cost a pretty penny and are highly valuable. There are also various extra features apart from displaying the time, such as dates, months, years, leap years, and moon phases. It would be tedious to wind your watches every day to keep this features accurate. A watch winder is especially beneficial in this aspect since it keeps your watches running, and it could also store your watches safely, protecting them from unwanted scratch or damage.

But watch winders can be expensive. This is because watch winders are a niche product. Watch winders with good quality are sold through channels from the manufacturer to a distributor to the retail shops and finally to the consumer. Unlike other mass-produced consumer goods, watch winders have a relatively limited and small niche market.

So all in all, if you have a collection of valuable automatic watches, a watch winder could be a worthy investment to keep your watches safe and running smoothly.